Performance Reports Help

The PebblePost Performance Dashboard reports are organized into two levels. 

  1. Products: You should see the applicable products for your brand, such as Retargeting, Lookalikes and/or GraphMail. 
  2. Sends: A single aggregated view that spans all sends for the product type selected.

Selecting product type

  • The product type selector is in the top left section of the reports page.

Selecting date range

  • The date range selector is in the top right section of the reports page.

Transaction data availability

  • The last date of transaction data that PebblePost has received from the brand is shown below the date range. We can receive transaction data from brands either via API (ie Shopify) or file transfers. If we are using APIs, the data should be up to date with the data in the brand e-commerce system. If the data is provided to PebblePost via file transfer, then the date reflects the latest data that has been shared with us.

Performance summary

  • The top section of the report shows the product performance summary for the selected date range. The completeness of the data depends on the availability of the transaction data shared by the brand.

Performance chart

  • The chart shows performance over time for the selected date range aggregating all spend for the product into a single view. The chart allows plotting one of the raw performance metrics (sends, spend, revenue) against one of the computed performance metrics (conv. rate, ROAS, CPA). The data can be aggregated by week or month. The sliders at the bottom of the chart allows zooming on specific periods within the date range selected.

Performance over time data

  • The performance over time data is shown in the table below the performance chart. The same data from the performance chart is used to breakdown by week and month. The data can be exported as a CSV by clicking on the download button.

Performance by creative

  • The creative report shows the performance of each creative used for the selected product type over the specified time period.

Currently, the Performance Dashboard is an open beta. So log in, break things, and tell us how we can continue to make it better! If you have feedback, please reach out to your PebblePost account team.