Introduction to Custom Performance Reports

Performance reporting is not always a one-size-fits-all approach, so within the PebblePost Performance Suite, you also have access to create custom Performance Reports that align with your unique goals or KPIs. These reports allow you to create, save, and share reports that dive deeper into more granular breakdowns so you can extract actionable insights and present campaign success to stakeholders with precision and clarity.

With Performance Reports, you can:

  • Create a personalized report with more granular breakdowns - by product, campaign, creative, audience or any combination of these.
  • Create reports with floating time frames (Last 30 days, last 60 days etc.)
  • Save frequently used reports
  • Share reports with colleagues
  • Edit / delete existing reports

Create a Custom Report

To create a new custom report, simply click “+ New Report.” Once you’ve named your report, you can assign a custom or pre-set timeframes, including floating time frames (last 30 days, last 60 days, etc.). If you create a custom report with a predefined time frame, the saved version will always reflect that timeframe. 

After defining your time frame, you can choose your report view: 

  • Regular: Topline report that allows you to choose the metrics that matter most to your brand 
  • Transaction: Transaction match report for any given time frame 
  • Incremental: Lift report broken down by a specific grouping or aggregation
  • Bundled: Generate multiple reports (topline, incremental) for the same time-frame and breakdown with a single set of inputs. You can view Bundled reports on a single page and download them with one click into a single file.

When creating a Regular report or an Incremental report, you can also use  “Aggregation” and “Interval” to define how you’d like the data to be grouped – Campaign, Creative, Product, or Audience by month or by week. From there, you will select the metrics that matter most to your brand, as well as any filters. 

Once you’ve finished configuring your report, simply click “Submit” and in moments  the  report will be available in this section for you to share with your team and access at any time. Additionally, you can set up a schedule report to receive your custom reports directly in your inbox according to your ideal schedule. Learn more about Report Scheduling here.

New: Incremental and Lift Reports

You can create Incremental and Lift Reports with the following aggregation options:

  • Full aggregation (no aggregation breakdown selected)
  • All single-level aggregations (e.g., Campaign, Strategy, or Creative)
  • Combination of Creative and Strategy
  • Combination of Campaign and Flight
  • Combination of Creative and Audience
  • Combination of Product and any one additional aggregation