Introduction to Report Scheduling

Within Report Scheduling, you can consolidate multiple reports and send them to any person within your organization on your specified cadence, making it easier than ever to keep all key stakeholders in the loop on the performance of your PDM program.

Schedule a Report

To schedule a report, navigate to “Report Scheduling” in the left hand navigation bar. Start by naming your scheduled report and adding one or more custom reports you would like to schedule.

After you’ve added your custom reports, you can either choose to send once, or set up a recurring send. To set up a recurring send, toggle on “Enable a Schedule.” You can then choose your desired cadence (weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly) and select which day of the week you’d like to receive the report. 

After you’ve configured your schedule, you can choose recipients. These reports can be scheduled to be sent to any person in your organization. For example, you can send to your analytics counterparts or to a dedicated mailbox for automated processing.

To send your schedule reports, simply click “Save Report Schedule” in the top right hand corner. All recipients will receive an email to their inbox with a link to access the saved report on the designated day and cadence.