Dynamic Store Location Creative Upload (Beta)

With PebblePost's Dynamic Store Location, you can drive easily drive traffic to your physical stores by dynamically printing postcard creative with each recipient’s nearest store location address.

Beta Overview

  • Availability: The option to print the nearest store address can be used with all PebblePost products including Retargeting, MPA, OBA and BA.
  • Creative Proof SLA: 72 hours for digital proof; 7 days for physical proof, which is recommended for marketing programs delivering on one day.
  • Reporting: All regular reports are available for Dynamic Store Location campaigns. Reporting at a store address level is currently not available.

Overview of Asset Requirements

  1. Dynamic Creative: Includes space to print the nearest store address
  2. Alternative Creative: Creative panel for when no store is found within the given radius
  3. List of all store names & addresses to be used for mapping & printing

Creative Requirements + Upload

Creative Requirements:

  • Dynamic Creative and Alternative Creative (as defined above)
  • Dedicated space to print an address
  • Font type — we support a limited number of system fonts:
    • Helvetica
    • Arial
    • Univers
    • Montserrat
    • Futura LT Pro
    • Frutiger
  • Font color for dynamic text can either be black or white
  • Maximum distance from consumer to store location. If a consumer does not fall within this specified radius, they will receive the alternative creative.

Creative Upload

  1. To start, complete the required fields on the left side navigation bar, including Creative Name, Number of Panels, Orientation, Size, Finish, and Offer Code Type/Expiration.
  2. Upload the front and back panel for your Dynamic Creative. As a reminder, the back panel should have an empty space for the store address.

  1. Check off 'Dynamic Store Address' on the left side navigation bar — a third upload modal will appear below the existing modals. There you can upload the back panel for your Alternative Creative.
  2. After you have uploaded the back panel for your Alternative Creative, please specify the maximum distance from consumer to store location. As a reminder, if a consumer does not fall within this specified radius, they will receive the alternative creative.

  1. Add the Store Address Hint to the back panel of the Dynamic Creative. To do so, drag and drop the hint to the blank space reserved for the address and specify the font, size, and store details you'd like printed.

  1. Submit your creative for approval!

Store Address Data Requirements

To get started, download the store location CSV template and complete the template using the requirements outlined below. You can find the template by navigating to the 'Store Addresses' module under 'Assets,' on the left hand side. Once you hit 'Store Addresses,' the hyperlink for the download button will appear in the upper right hand corner.

Once completed, please email to your PebblePost team.

Please send your store location file using the following requirements:

  • File Format: CSV
  • Header row included
  • Leave column headers as listed below
  • Include one store per row

The fields below are required, everything else can be left blank. For example, if there is not a unit # or suite, please leave Address_Line_2 blank instead of entering ‘n/a’ or ‘none’.

Column Header Required
Address_Line_1 Y
City Y
State Y
Zip_Code Y
Phone Number
Proof Candidate TRUE/FALSE

The Proof Candidate column should be marked TRUE for any addresses you'd like to see printed on your digital proofs. As a best practice, mark 2 addresses as TRUE for the proof: the shortest and the longest.